Just a Note From Benny

Just wanted to say a few words to think about in this new year.

With the new year each one of us comes up with something we want to change or make different in our lives.

But what I would like each one of you to do is reflect on what you have done and what you have persevered through.

I am of course talking to myself on this matter as well. I am one of a guilty conscience and a believer that I don't deserve much of anything.

A lot of us are bad about this. We win some, but don't feel the need to respond to it as we should. We excuse it as a lucky happenstance or perhaps something that we didn't do and certainly didn't accomplish.

So take this moment to reflect, to look back as you look ahead. Recognize what you have accomplished.

Be happy in that moment be satisfied for a second and be ok within it all.


I am Always Happy, Never Satisfied- And I know I am not of the minority in this.

Take time to recognize yourself.

Happy 2023

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