Labor Day Facts

 35% of the work force belonged to UNIONS in the 1950s. That was PEAK UNION. Now, it's just 10.3%

 In one poll, 68% of people said Labor Day is their "favorite holiday" . . . Which I DONT BELIEVE AT ALL

53% of Americans plan to get out of town for Labor Day weekend, and 36% plan to travel by car. Gas prices have been falling for almost two months now, but the average price of regular gasoline is still up 23% from last Labor Day. The national average today is $3.83. Which is RIGHT Where COLORADO is. (Roughly)

Celebration plans vary by generation. Gen Z are most likely to go out for food and drinks, travel, and attend or host a party . . . while Boomers are most likely to gather with family and friends . . . and Gen X are the most likely to grill.

51% of Americans have gone a year or longer without taking a vacation.

The current unemployment rate is 3.5%, which is the lowest it's been in a half-century. Well, actually it's tied for the lowest. The only other months that it's been 3.5% were: January and February of 2020. And we all remember what happened in March.

87% of people think they should get a raise to keep up with inflation . . . but it isn't just inflation. 55% say they've worked harder since the pandemic began.

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