Logan Paul buys a Pokémon Card for $150,000

I knew they were popular, but not STUPID POPULAR.

Growing up I collected many of a baseball and football card. The excitement for myself was the card was connected to something real. A player and his career. I had a rookie John Elway card that was almost older than I was. I had a Deon Sanders card, for each and every team he played for. Yankees, Braves, Falcons, Cowboys, 49ers, Ravens. As the players went so did the cards. Better the player did, usually more the card was worth. Simple relativity.

What I don't understand is how a fictional character can be worth this much money?

Availability or a limit thereof sure, but not to this magnitude.

I don't get it, but maybe I am just old fashioned. If I want a picture of something and have to pay $150,000 I want it to be something real and not a figment of SOMEONE ELSES IMAGINATION.

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