Dear Sports

We learn a lot from sports, life lessons, team work, sacrifice, but now it’s time for sports to learn from us.

With COVID-19 running rampant like an opposing running back who you couldn’t stop in the opening drive, we had to adjust our behavior. We as a civilization got coached up, came up with a scheme and a game plan, and then we had to adapt and deviate somewhat from said game plan. We did what any great team does, WE MADE ADJUSTMENTS. We did it early in the game, and we did it well.

“If you're well-prepared, you know what you're doing, and you have an idea what the opponents can do - what their strengths and weaknesses are - once you get into the game, those adjustments will be - I won't say easy, but relatively easier and more manageable.” Bill Belichick

Countless people made sacrifices, made concessions, made it work and we learned along the way how to make it all work. Sports are about to do the same. Limited resources, limited travel, limited revenue, but still able to, at the end of the day, win the battle, win the game. We as plain citizens blazed the wooded path, laid the conduit and now want the selfish reward of a few hours distraction. Honestly, it’s not much of an ask.

So now sports, least the majors, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL are coming back online. (Thank goodness, my Fan-Duel account can’t take much more "dart parlays")

And with that promise to the public is going to be some serious adjustments and ultimately some concession from both sports and from US. Hard questions with possibly answers we don’t want to hear.

Baseball (MLB) for example is no stranger to the asterisk *.

*Who is the real HOME-RUN CHAMP?

*Is there a STEROID WING added to the Hall of Fame?

*When is the LIVE BALL ERA and E.R.A.

So when it comes to the records or achievements related to averages do you still award the record in what will be a fiasco of a season?

Simpler terms: If someone bats better than .406 do you consider that better than Ted Williams in 1941?

If someone has an ERA of less than 1.123 do you consider that better than BOB GIBSON in 68?

It’s a tough ask of players to play, and even tougher if we tell them “it didn’t count.”

Moving forward to the NFL. Hypothetically, are you ok if your team forfeits the season because they had a large amount of players test positive for COVID 19? Are you ok with it if they are in the playoffs?

Do I want sports back? YES

Do I think they should figure out a way to play? YES

Am I ready for all scenarios and am I ready to answer those questions we haven’t even thought of?

Just like everything in 2020, we have to wait and see.

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