I find this all fascinating-- Yes I am a gambler.

When it comes to BOTH investing and Betting. However for me- I want the instant gain.

Long-term growth is great- but several factors must come into play.

  1. Is the long-term growth of an investment enough to overcome the depreciation of the dollar. And yes MONEY Depreciates. And the US Dollar has more so recently.
  2. I CANT USE MY MONEY IN THEIR ACCOUNT. Money in my account is better than my money in someone elses. Can I use money in my hand to make more. Long term investing handicaps my ability to use money for gain AND for pleasure and honestly living. Is it better to hold onto it myself or let someone give me a gain through investment? The numbers must make sense and cents.
  3. I AM A GREAT GAMBLER. Specifically sports gambling. They have to beat my return in order for me to invest. SIMPLE AS THAT. Beat my record as I beat the house.

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