FIRST OFF: I am using this to say, I HATE IT WHEN: There is a button to push for tip amount. I always tip more and all those standardized buttons do is cost my server money.

BUT, it sounds like I am in the minority when it comes to that range.

According to (YOUGOV) https://today.yougov.com/topics/economy/articles-reports/2020/01/06/americas-standard-gratuity-tip-poll

  • Roughly half of America believes the STANDARD restaurant tip should be between 16% and 20% of the total bill.
  • Majority of Baby Boomers, 55%, tip in that range, compared to 46% of Generation X, and just 38% of Millennials.
  • Majority of Millennials, 55%, believe the standard gratuity is LESS than 16%. Only 51% of Gen X and 42% of Boomers agree.
  • 17% of Millennials say the standard tip should be 0% to 5%. 9% of Gen X and 6% of Baby Boomers are also cheapskates.
  • Young people also tip the most on the HIGH-END. 7% of Millennials say their base tip is "more than 20%." Only 3% of Gen Xers and 3% of Baby Boomers are onboard with that.

Advice from Benny: TIP WELL AND TREAT YOUR SERVER WITH KINDNESS... After all... They handle your food and have power over what goes in your mouth. (BEWARE)

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