What Was the Best Parts of the 90's?

The Best Parts of the 1990's?

Let us know @thebennybash

For me the best parts of the 90s came through sports:

The Atlanta Braves - Glavin/Smoltz/Maddux/

The Denver Broncos and John Elway

Rashaan Salaam winning the Heisman - Florida and the Ol' Ball Coach throwing it 100 times a game.

Deon Sanders/ Brian Jordan/ and Charlie Ward playing two sports!!

The 90s were also filled with great TV Characters: AND WE ALL HAD TO WATCH THE SAME SHOWS.

Seinfeld/Friends/Saved by the Bell/ Fresh Prince/ Home Improvement/ The Simpsons/ Married with Children and 90210!!!

But what am I missing?

Recently (like you just did probably) I went down a 90s rabbit hole after seeing a list of best "90s THINGS" according to a survey. (Yes one of those)


1.           Friends

2.           The Simpsons

3.           Crystal Maze

4.           Spice Girls

5.           VHS tapes

6.           Titanic

7.           Take That

8.           Video rental shops

9.           CD Walkman's

10.         Nokia 3210s

11.         Harry Potter fever

12.         The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

13.         Playing snake on your phone

14.         Buffy the Vampire Slayer

15.         Ab Fab

16.         Art Attack

17.         Sabrina the Teenage Witch

18.         Westlife

19.         Britney Spears

20.         Sex and the City

21.         Boyzone

22.         Saved by the Bell

Complete list is below- Some of these I didn't recognize but most - I said -Holy Hell I REMEMBER THAT!


Anything you miss from the 1990s that you believe should still be today?


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