Tim Tebow is Done Playing Football

Tim Tebow has been waived by the Jacksonville Jaguars - It Looks Like the clock has struck midnight for Tebow Time.

I started covering the Denver Broncos in a "professional manner" (If you can call it that) in March of 2012.

What also happened in March of 2012? Peyton Manning arrived in Denver as a free agent.

In what was the only move that wouldn't get John Elway (Broncos GM) crucified by Broncos fans- Elway brought in PLAN A Peyton Manning.

Tebow mania was at a high in Denver and being a fan first and a reporter second, I understood the mania and the move.

Elway needed to bring in someone you could NOT argue against to replace a (bad) QB with a heart of gold and endless devoted followers.

Auburn v Texas A&M

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So off Tebow went to the Jets then to the Patriots and so on until his NFL stint was over and he started at ESPN and the SEC Network. Which he is pretty good at doing, commentating on College Football. He works hard, is well spoken, and knows the game inside and out. Makes for a perfect fit for someone who is perfectly fit.

But that wasn't enough to satisfy Tim and so he tried Baseball. Big league baseball as he was picked up by the Mets and well that didn't work out either so BACK to FOOTBALL.

Urban Mayer whom coached Tebow to a National Championship is now the Jags head coach. He (Mayer) brings in Timmy to play TE and now he has been waived.

Some will say Tim got too many chances, others will say he should have stopped when the NFL cut him. I ask WHY? Why did he get too many chances and Why should he Stop Following His Dream?

Following dreams is something we are told to do as children then at some point in time reality hits you in the face and the dream is over in order to pay for a mortgage and get a mini van.

Most of us don't get the chance to live out our dreams (I do, but I am very very blessed). So is that why some are mad at Tim Tebow? Because some gave up so he should too?

Whatever Tim Tebow does in the future I will be watching and I will be cheering him on. And I suggest most of us do the same. Why? Because rooting for someone to fail has never gotten anyone anywhere.

I find that when someone roots against another person, it says more about them "the boo-er" than it does the person receiving the Boos'.

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