Didn't get his free soda: so he set the building on fire.

Sometimes the response is over the top.

Once I had a girlfriend cut the stems off my truck tires and bent my antenna because I misspelled her name in a card.

She wasn't very stable, but honestly are any of us?

Here is an example of response going above and beyond what it should.

An unknown customer in Stockton, California ordered from a fast food restaurant last Thursday called El Forastero. 

Riding a bike he ordered water then asked the cashier to fill it up with soda instead.

They didn't do that so he lost it and ..... SET THE BUILDING ON FIRE

Specifically according to the report:

He peddled out of site and took out a lighter and lit the side of the building on fire.

The entire building didnt burn BUT it caused a bunch of damage including water damage from putting out said fire

The family said that they can get through COVID and Last Year- They can get through anything.

Police are still investigating.

Full Story

Un unnamed person in Stockton, California went to a local Mexican food

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