Peyton Manning Joins John Elway

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My Two Minutes on Peyton:

It was a privilege to cover Peyton Manning while he was in Denver. He was a class act all the way around and for a lot of people they say it is easy for him because he didn't have a tough road or path.

I see it different.

He (Peyton Manning) came to Denver with doubt for the first time in his career. A severe neck injury with his neck on the line. The Broncos rolled the dice on him several times, including a negotiation or two which made Peyton "EARN IT" with incentive based pay. HOW DARE WE- HOW DARE THEY

Peyton through HS and College at Tennessee and even with his selection in the first round by the Colts, everyone knew he could do it. Mentally and physically.

But his time in Denver, that (can he do it) was now in question. And honestly it was in question a few times. Both in the beginning in Denver and in the Super Bowl run in 2015. Could he make a return? Is he done?

Peyton during this whole time of scrutiny, was ALWAYS, and I MEAN ALWAYS a genuine gentleman. Classy and caring. He would even answer my press conference questions as a lowly radio DJ when I could muster up the courage to ask him. Even when I was unfairly criticizing him of poor performance. Now I look back and say, how dare I, how dare Denver for even questioning his performance ONCE.

But we did, and he took it and proved us wrong when we were just that WRONG.

Peyton and his time in Denver was an honor and honestly looking back at it, we took it for granted. And for that I will always feel both guilty and grateful.

Growing up in Colorado I was a John Elway fan. Well fan is an understatement, he was my HERO. No one could come close to Super Elway in my eyes. Growing up in the Late 80s and early 90s I only saw the BEST of Elway. I never saw him struggle only succeed so he was the best and no one would come close to #7.

Well after looking back at Peyton and covering him as a press member, realizing what Peyton was to a city and to us in the press, to me in my career, Peyton now joins John Elway in both Canton and in my heart and memory. Peyton is another Hero-

Congrats Peyton, You were something special both on and off the field. I should have realized it sooner.

Thank You.

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