Colorado Sports Gambling Has Changed Vegas

Legalized sports gambling has changed LAS VEGAS.

For good or for bad the "Sports Book" as we know it is different.

What was once a unique experience from one destination to the next, with different offerings and looks, different bets and beers now has the same look and feel.

M LIFE properties are NOW all Bet MGM Sports-books.

Others have franchised out as well all with the same options, kiosks and even uniforms. (19 pieces of Flair Included)

Is this familiarity good for the gambler?

Does having less offerings but more recognizable menu options create a better much easier environment?

Lots of businesses are going this route. The way of McDonalds if you will. Where it's the same burger and fries no matter where you go.

You know when you see the GOLDEN M--- OF BETMGM you will know what you are getting. Same Line and available bets across the board.

I HATE IT! And it left a bad taste in my mouth.

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