Short and Rich or Tall and Poor?

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If a guy's shorter than average, how RICH does he have to be to make him as attractive to women as a TALL guy? A study in 2006 looked into it. And it's making the rounds again after someone posted the results on social media.

The University of Chicago and M.I.T. went through online dating stats where the average guy was 5-foot-11-and-a-half, and made $63,000 a year. 

Here's how much shorter guys have to make to be equally attractive:

1. 5-foot-10 . . . $87,000 a year. (That's an extra 24 grand.)

2. 5-foot-8 . . . $201,000 a year. ($138,000 extra.)

3. 5-foot-6 . . . $238,000 a year. ($175,000 extra.)

4. 5-foot-4 . . . $284,000 a year. ($221,000 extra.)

5. 5-foot-2 . . . $332,000 a year. ($269,000 extra.)

6. 5 feet tall . . . $380,000 a year. ($317,000 extra.)

After doing some math (I was promised no math) that is almost $28,000 per inch. 

The Study also found that really tall men can earn even LESS and still be attractive. 

6-foot-2 can make as little as $33,000 a year. At 6-foot-4, just $12,000. 

6-foot-6 or above, you can potentially be UNEMPLOYED and still be a catch. 

Let the Record Show: Benny Bash is 6' 5/8 -----

Full Study Here

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