Arby’s Is Testing New Boneless Wings And Crinkle Fries

Arby’s has been spotted testing a couple of new products in Syracuse, New York and Augusta, Georgia: Boneless Wings with new Crinkle Fries. The Boneless Wings are being offered in six and nine-piece options, for $5 and $6 respectively with each served with a side of new Crinkle Fries. Sauce choices are Spicy Buffalo and Hot Honey.

One customer tried the Spicy Buffalo version in Syracuse and said “they were quite good” and the “Buffalo sauce is the same as on their full menu Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.” As for the Crinkle Fires, they were spotted this summer being tested at other U.S. spots.

Since Arby’s parent brand is Inspire Brands which also includes Buffalo Wild Wings, keep your fingers crossed that these could showing up at your local restaurant if the testing goes well.


Below is Andrew from Lincoln NE and he has a good point.

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