Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is ON!

Here’s How The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Is Shaping Up -The COVID era has forced an iconic parade to change things up, but it sounds like the plan is solid.

Instead of a two-and-a-half mile route, the parade will cover just once city block. The good news is, it will include the legendary balloons, but instead of handlers, they’ll be taken down the route by utility vehicles.

10-thousand people that work the parade have been pared down to just about 15-hundred.

The Big Apple Circus, the NYPD Police Band, and the West Point Marching Band will take and we’ll have Musical appearances from Patti LaBelle, Dolly Parton, Jordin Sparks, and others. Santa Claus, of course will wrap things up.

The parade airs on Thanksgiving morning

Source:New York Post

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