NFL will get it's money: That you can bet on.

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All 32 NFL Owners have approved a plan to expand the playoffs to 16 teams, if need be.

While this "Might not need to happen." the NFL is planning to get in a full playoff and TV schedule if the season must be cut short.

"Commissioner Roger Goodell confirms that every owner is in agreement on the plan that will include eight teams in each conference making the postseason in the event that not all 32 teams can play all 16 games." This according to NBC Sports.

A part of the previous proposal was to possibly "Re-Seed" The Teams, which will not be part of this potential plan as it sits today.

Goodell stated to NBC Sports that the NFL believes it can do a thorough job of contact tracing and isolating people who have tested positive or had high risk contacts, and that will, the league hopes, be sufficient to prevent an outbreak that causes games to be canceled.

So how will this affect sports gambling? It could open up a window to some long odds and potentially big wins if this plan comes into play.

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