Nothing Might Be the Answer

Can We All Agree on NOTHING?

How hard is it to write a blog or article without making someone mad? Something perhaps we can all agree on.

We are about to find out.

First the guidelines, you must not put in any sort of inflammatory comment or have any stance or even "hot take" on much of anything.

Now we will leave out the obvious topics one cannot discuss as we are a nation of polarizing opinions.

So what of lesser topics? Something we maybe can all agree on? Something we all do or have to do perhaps?

How about FOOD?

We all have to eat right? So lets talk about the safe space that is the food we put into our opinionated bodies.


In speaking of nutrition and yummy in my tummy we might make someone mad about portioning and waste? Perhaps omnivore vs. carnivore? Does my celery scream when I add peanut butter and what of the poor people with allergies to said peanut butter? Will they be mad at my discussion of celery and how I despise said stalks without the addition of cheesy or peanut buttery goodness? Like an ant on a distant log, I am lost.

Before the pandemic we could at least discuss poop. After all it was the great Author Taro Gomi who once stated "Everyone Poops".

Well 2020 gave us a roll when we faced a toilet paper shortage and now our pooping techniques weighed and measured. Are you "whistling while you work" turned to "are you rationing while you wipe?". Now even pooping in 2020 has become a matter of debate.

So what can you discuss that makes for no Karen or Kyle, Brittany or Benny to not have reason for tirade?

In looking for a topic I went to image searches and typed "Nothing". I obviously found something, and in doing so could not find NOTHING. Closest thing I got was the pictured blank billboard. Prepped in white and ready for a statement to be made loud and proud. There the blank canvass of awaiting advertising sits, like this blog, ready for a word to spark the incendiary flame that is the call to action.

So as i have nothing, I ask you to give me something.

is there anything we can all agree on? Anything at all? Or is NOTHING the one last thing we can discuss without being mad about something?


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